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Sift Heads Street Wars Multiplayer has released.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sift Heads Street Wars

Official website

Spacebar - Take out weapon
Click - Attack
E - Enter
Arrow on map - Show the direction

1.  Walk towards the fountain.
2.  Talk to Mr. Brooks who is sitting on the bench.
3.  (Follow the arrow in the map) Walk towards the place you started. Turn left. Go to LaundrOmat.
4.  Click the first icon (briefcase). Drag the baseball bat to the boxes above (under hotkeys).
5.  Press spacebar to produce weapon. Click to attack.
6.  Kill all the bums.
7.  Go back to find Mr. Brooks.
8.  Go to gun shop. Buy Glock 9mm pistol (the only weapon you can afford). Drag it to the boxes above.
9.  Go back to Central Park.
10.  Go to the restaurant with an inverted McDonald golden arch.
11. Talk to the informant.
11. Kill all the enemies.
12. Go back to Central Park to talk to Mr. Brooks.

Coughin' Marvin's Cigs
1. Talk to Coughin' Marvin near the Danger Zone which is located beside Gold2Cash.

Missing Hot-Dog!
1. Talk to hot-dog vendor at Central Park.

To be continued...

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