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Sift Heads Street Wars Multiplayer has released.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Walkthrough for Sift Heads Street Wars-Prologue

Official website
Official video walkthrough

W, A, S, D - Move
Shift + W, A, S, D - Run
Mouse - Aim and shoot
Spacebar - Take weapon out, skip cutscenes
R - Reload
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Change weapon
E - Enter, talk

When there is a gang of enemies, try not to walk too close to them and shoot one of them when you're still far away. Shoot them when they are running. Then, shoot them one-by-one.

  1. Click to flick the match.
  2. Press spacebar to skip introduction or conversation.
  3. After Vinnie shows up, start shooting that 2 guys. I think shotgun (press 3 to change the weapon to it) can kill faster but you can try other weapon like the fire weapon (press 5). At this level, your character won't die.
  4. Follow where Kiro went. Turn right. Take second left turning. Enter the safehouse (the door on the left) by pressing E.
  5. Take the gun in front of Shorty.
  6. Exit through the metal door.
  7. Walk to Vinnie's car and get into it.
  8. Click Darwen's.
  9. Enter Darwen's house (the car is in front of his house).
  10. Talk to Darwen.
  11. Select shotgun or assault rifle. (Assault rifle is better as shotgun needs to be reloaded more often.)
  12. Walk to the stairs. Click E.
  13. Walk to Darwen's hood.
  14. Exit Darwen's house.
  15. Walk straight on the road. If you go towards Exxac oil station, there are a bunch of enemies.
  16. Turn left. If you continue walking straight, there is another bunch of enemies.
  17. Turn right. Turn left. The informant is standing in front of his car near the subway. Talk to him.
  18. Walk back to your car. Click North Hood.
  19. Turn left. Turn right. You'll see the informant standing under a lamppost. Click E.
  20. After the informant is hit by a car, start shooting. 
  21. Go back to the lamppost. There is a cellphone on the ground near the car. Take it.
  22. Walk to your right. (or right part of the screen)
  23. Walk past 2 houses on stilts. Follow the path.
  24. Press spacebar. Point your mouse cursor towards where your character goes so that you can see where are the enemies.
  25. Take the path on the bottom of the screen.
  26. Follow the path.
  27. Shoot those enemies.
  28. Enter the fenced compound. Click E.
  29. Walk towards the bottom of the screen.
  30. Shoot those enemies.
  31. Use the fire weapon at the fir-like tree.        


  1. I need help I can't get out Darwen's House.

    1. After upgrading your weapon, go upstairs. Then walk towards the protruding area near the dining table.

  2. if your stuck in the "basement", you can just walk up to the staircase and press "e".

    1. Thanks for sharing. Which gang are you in?

  3. what do you mean the fire weapon please answer ASAP

    1. It's a type of weapon that uses fire to kill.


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