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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Did You Know??

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1. Catgut comes from
- Sheep

2. You can lose one pound in weight by playing 12 hours of
- Table tennis

3. The number of people you share your birthday with is
- 9 million
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4. Gallus Gallus Domesticus is a Latin name for
- A chicken
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5. The longest recorded flight of a chicken is
- 13 seconds

6. Chickens lay larger eggs with harder shells if they think
- It is daytime

7. Dirty snow absorbs more heat than white snow and so
- Melts faster

8. Above a penguin's eyes an organ converts seawater into
- Fresh water

9. Compared to the rest of the day your feet are bigger
- In the afternoon

10. The only vegetable that is also a flower is
- Brocolli

11. At 4500 kg the heaviest land animal is the
- Elephant

12. From 2006 Pluto was reclassified as
- A dwarf planet

13. Earth contains 326 million trillion
- Gallons of water

14. The only foodstuff that does not spoil is
- Honey

15. 1 kg of honey is the result of bees visiting
- 4 million flowers

16. In the 1980s the Emperors Palace in Tokyo was worth more
- Than Canada

17. Insect bites can be relieved by using small amounts of
- Dog feces

18. At 170 km/h the fastest bird in a straight line is the
- Spine tailed swift

19. At 155,557,000 sq km the largest ocean in the world is
- the Pacific Ocean

20. You have 300 bones at birth but 206 bones when you are
- An adult

21. Most dust particles in the average house are made from
- Dead skin

22. There is a zero fat content in
- A carrot
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23. 200,000 frowns creates
- One brow wrinkle

24. Aerodynamics of the F-117 is a result of research into
- The bumblebee

25. In Las Vegas gambling casinos there are no
- Clocks

26. The first man-made object sent into space in 1957 was
- Sputnik

27. The fork used to be known as the
- Split spoon

28. At 40 cm the animal with the largest eyes is
- The giant squid

29. Alexander Graham Bell never phoned his mother because she
- Was deaf

30. Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone 1 hour after
- Elisha Gray
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31. The toque is a tall
- Chef hat

32. The rabbit and parrot are the only two animals that can see
- behind themselves

33. The continent with the most countries is
- Africa

34. All of your bodily functions stop when you
- Sneeze

35. The moon moves a further 3.82 cm from the Earth
- Every year

36. An onion, an apple and potato taste different because of
- Their smell

37. A Boeing 707 uses 4 thousand gallons of fuel to
- Take off

38. Lightning expands air faster than the speed of sound to
- Create thunder

39. At 0.44 sq km the smallest country in the world is
- Vatican City

40. The quack of a duck
- Does not echo

41. A duck can't walk without
- Bobbing its head

42. At 300,000 the movie featuring the most extras is
- Gandhi

43. The highest percent of births occur in
- August

44. 65 million years ago Mesonycids were the common ancestor of
- Dolphins and humans

45. Regular water has a boiling point three times lower than
- Human saliva

46. The amount of a pigment called melanin determines human
- Skin colour

47. The most popular fruit in the world is the
- Tomato

48. Lycopersicon lycopersicum is another name for a
- Tomato

49. All polar bears
- Are left-handed

50. The average person falls asleep in
- 7 minutes

51. A cockroach can live for 9 days without a head before it
- Starves to death

52. The largest organ in the human body is
- The skin

53. The body completely digests food after an average of
- 12 hours

54. The plastic casings on the end of shoelaces are called
- Aglets

55. At 442 km deep the deepest mine in the world is in
- South Africa

56. The only muscle in your body attached at only one end is
- Your tongue

57. Months that begin on a Sunday will always have
- A Friday the 13th

58. Blood vessels in a human body combined could circle Earth
- 2 and a half times

59. At a speed of 10 cm a year Hawaii is moving towards
- Japan

60. A gruntle is a
- Pig snout

61. Besides humans the only animal able to get sunburn is the
- Pig

62. A snail can sleep for up to
- 3 years

63. You can stop yourself crying while peeling onions by
- Chewing gum

64. The name Wendy was first used in the book

- Peter Pan

65. Butterflies taste food with their
- Feet

66. In 1823 Charles Macintosh invented the mackintosh a
- Waterproof coat

67. The Earth is not completely round but is instead called
- An oblate spheroid

68. Respectively moths and butterflies rest their wings
- Open and together

69. At six months a human fetus develops its
- Sweat glands
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70. Chameleons change colours to match their
- Emotional state

71. Fingernails grow nearly four times faster than
- Toenails

72. At 17,075,400 sq km the largest country in the world is
- Russia

73. The world's best selling instrument is the
- Harmonica

74. Bite the wax tadpole was the original Chinese name for
- Coca Cola
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75. If colouring was not added to Coca Cola it would be
- Green

76. A creature with 47 teeth is
- The mosquito

77. Caffeine is less efficient at keeping you awake than
- Apples
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78. Clothing and body hair and dead skin cells mix to form
- Navel lint

79. The average lifespan of 19th century London residents was
- 27 years

80. A ball of rubber cannot bounce as high as a ball of
- Glass

81. You weigh slightly less when the moon is
- Directly overhead

82. The number of peaceful years in the last 3500 years is
- 230 years

83. In 1999 average CEO earnings outstripped factory workers by
- 419 times

84. Without being a king or prince the highest royal rank is
- A duke

85. The average number of questions a 4-year-old asks is
- 437

86. In 2000 Pope John Paul II was named an honorary
- Harlem globetrotter

87. At 3.2 billions years the oldest known fossil was found
- In South Africa

88. A Hungarian immigrant named Qwert Yuiop invented the
- Typewriter

89. In 1939 there was an undersea post office in
- The Bahamas

90. The average number of hairs a person has on their head is
- 100,000

91. The name describing the unit of time 100th of a second is
- A jiffy

92. The time light takes to reach Earth from the sun is
- 8.5 minutes

93. In Mahatma Gandhi's small intestine an autopsy revealed
- 5 Krugerrands

94. Oranges contain less vitamin C per 100 grams than
- Strawberries

95. The length of the Great Comet's tail in 1843 was
- 330 million km

96. Earth's continents move at the same speed as
- A fingernail grows

97. Ancient Egyptians treated wounds with
- Mouldy bread

98. The flea can jump its own length by
- 350 times

99. The dot over the letter i or j is called a
- Tittle

100. A pregnant goldfish is called
- A twit

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sunshine Buddies/Nohohon Zoku のほほん族

Official website

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The company 
Takara Tomy Co. Ltd. 株式会社タカラトミー

[ Wallpapers ]

Nohohon Zoku (Nonchalant Family)

Hidamari No Tami ひだまりの民 (sunny people)

+ solar-powered
+ have silent motors
+ can be used as card holder


From left to right: Heart, Sakura さくらいろ, Wakakusa わかくさいろ, Cherry さくらんぼいろ, Ugisu うぐいすいろ, Yamabuki やまぶきいろ, Christmas Special Edition 2003, Christmas Special Edition 2004 クリスマスタイプ

  Clover Green


From left to right: Leaf Orange リーフオレンジ, Ground Brown グランドブラウン, Sunny Yellow サニーイエロー, Prairie Green プレーリー・グリーン, Ocean Blue オーシャンブルー, Flower Pink フラワーピンク, Coral Pink, Float White フロートホワイト

Mini Eco ココロのゆりかご


From left to right:
Comfort Green なごみグリーン,
Fluffy White ふんわりホワイト,
Warm Orange ほっこりオレンジ,
Slightly Pink ほんのりピンク,
Peaceful Blue やすらかブルー,
Pleasant Yellow ほんわかイエロー

Vegetable Series

Feng Shui Series / Shiawase wo Yobu Fusui 幸せをよぶ風水

Latest Edition


From left to right: Attack Kinun Money 攻めの金運, Protect 守りの金運, Fortune 金運, Love 恋愛運, Health 健康運, Job 仕事運

Previous Edition

Spiritual Stone

From left to right: Aventurine アベンチュリン, Tiger Eye タイガーアイ, Rock Crystal ロッククリスタル,  Moon Stone イエロージャスパー, Rose Quartz ローズクオーツ, Amazonite アマゾナイト

Omiyage (Souvenir)


Hokkaido 1 北海道1, Hokkaido 2 北海道2, Shinshu 信州, Fuji 富士山,Onsen 温泉, Kyoto 京都, Okinawa 冲绳, Suizukukan 水族馆, Japan

Utatane うたたね

 Available in purple, blue, pink and yellow

Hanauta No Tami はなうたの民 (humming people)

+ battery-powered
+ can be connected to each other

Listen all the songs at http://www.collectiondx.com/article/nohohon_zoku

Feel So Happy 
Hitachi on Jyu - Sunlight Forest
Sanbo - Walking
Gakuen Tengoku - Campus Heaven

Feel So Pep 
Ashita ga arusa - Tomorrow is here
Top of the world
Ue o mukaite arukou - Let's walk facing up

Feel So Peace 
Let it be
Yozora Nomukou - Let's drink the night sky


    1.  Grandfather's Clock 
    2.  Minuet in G Major (Beethoven)
    3.  Minuet in G Major (Bach)
    4.  Lord, I Lift Your Name On High 
    5.  Joy of Man's Desiring
    6.  Old folks at home
    7.  Waltz of the Flowers - "The Nutcracker" from Toy Symphony
    8.  What kind of love and wonder - Opera 
    9. "The Marriage of Figaro" from Wild
    10.  You want
    11.  March of the Toy Soldier
    12.  Farewell Song

    Other Products

    Otenki Bouya


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