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Thursday, February 12, 2009

introducing Yoyo Cici

 Visit http://baike.baidu.com/view/812830.html?wtp=tt to view the biodatas of the characters in YoCi.( It's a Chinese website.)

Name Yoyo
Sex Male
Age 1 year old
Height 72cm
Weight 15kg
Favorite colour Green

  • He lives in a seaside village which has lots of friends who grow up with Yoyo and Cici is the "goddess" in Yoyo's heart.

Name Cici
Sex Female
Age 1 year old
Height 65cm
Favorite colour Orange

  • She grows up with Yoyo. Adorable and likes to dress herself  up with fashionable things. She often dreams of having a happy life

Name Mr. Pig
Sex Male
Favorite colour blue

  • He is a fat pink pig who likes to eat red bean bun and happy-go-lucky. Makes stupid yet cute acts.

Name Muji
Sex Male
Favorite colour Black

  • He is timid and has lots of weird ideas. Invents some useless things which causes people dumbfounding.

There are two monkeys, one is called Yoyo and the other one is called Cici. Many people combine their names and called them Yoci.

The name of Yoci was taken from "game" in Chinese as the creators (
A group of people created Yoci.) like to play games.

YoCi's Game
You can play the game called "Luan Wu Chun Qiu" at http://www.51wan.com/lw/


  1. I grabbed them from other website :p.
    thx to both of u for leaving comments here 谢谢!

    Support them at http://www.yoyocici.com/.

  2. my nickname is cici :) (its actually from my name xD)

    1. O..Do you like Cici more than Yoyo?

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