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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

all about onion head (^^)

Visit http://baike.baidu.com/view/113945.htm for more information. However, it's in Chinese.

Name Onion Tou 洋葱头(葱宝)

  • straightforward
  • often looks absent-minded
  • likes unfettered life
  • when there is anything happens, he lets it be as he believes the problem will be solved at the end.
  • in the adventurous world, he still needs more training as a first-stage swordsman.
  • when he looks absent-minded, his hair flutters
  • expertise in eating
  • partners with Onion Mei

Hobby Eating
Favorite food Whatever food that he does not dislike of
Food that he dislikes of He does not have anything that he really dislike of
Pet phrase Do you want a bite?
Special accent After finished talking, he will say "ga" at the end of the sentence
Ambition Eats all the delicious food all around the world

Onion head is created by Ethan, a cartoonist, in around 2006. Onion head was started drew by using MSN shell which has handwriting function. Drawing onion head is simply because of fun. He used his own face as reference. Later, he makes the onion head more expressive.

abOut Ethan...
He works in SOHO. He likes to read comics and watch animations. In the beginning, the onion head only had two tufts of hair and looked ordinary. There was a friend who named this character as onion tou. He got used to the name. Thus, it was given the name of "onion tou".
Then, he also created a blog and uploaded all the emoticons to the blog.

Why onion head has two tufts of hair?
To finish drawing a picture quickly, he drew a circle first. Then, two small "hills" were drawn at the top of the head. The two small "hills" became big "hills" so that people can recognise his drawings.(actually it is because it is easier to draw.)

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