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Sunday, February 1, 2009

vent/stress-relieving games 发泄游戏

Are you feeling upset? Let your ANGER out! Grr...
Some of these games are quite violent and disgusting though...


Smash as many Mac computers and laptops as possible in 60 seconds.

Just click the computers as fast as you can.

PC Breakdown

This little funny flash game provides you a chance to take revenge on your computer for all the frustration you have experienced when it suddenly fails when you are doing an important task. Reminder: Don't do this to your own computer.

Click the part of the computer you wanna smash.

God's Playing Field

GamesHandbook.com - Gods Playing Field

A great stress reliever, get rid of all those pesky people. There are various types of attacks which can be bought after you have enough money.

Choose the type of the attack and click the people.

Play Vent Game

Kick, punch, slap or hit him with a stick as many times as you want.

Ignite People on Fire

Ignite People on Fire

Run around to burn people by using arrow keys.

Whack Your Boss

There are 17 ways to take revenge on your boss.

Click 17 different things in the office to find out!

I Love My Computer

Show your prowess to the lady by destroying the computer with different objects in the office

Click the objects to see the effects.

The Ultimate Cyber Voodoo Doll

Type the name of the person you hate and poke the voodoo doll.


Kick the vehicle as many times as possible.

Whack Your Ex

Whack your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend with stuffs like computer and high heels.

Click the things at the bottom of the screen.

Rose&Camellia 蔷薇椿

In this game, you have to slap wealthy and arrogant women's face and evade their attack.

Use mouse to attack and evade.
Attack: Click the "Attack " button and drag your mouse to the left or right side of your opponent's face quickly.
Evade: Click the "Evade" button and drag your mouse to your back.

Sofa Bash

Play Sofa Bash

Let out your anger by bashing the sofa with chainsaw, hammer, etc.

Pick one object to make the sofa into pieces.

Chain of Fire

Chain of Fire

Burns those people by clicking them.

Honnaegi Boyfriend

You caught your boyfriend cheating on you and it's time for payback. Slap your boyfriend as many time as you can.

Rihanna's Revenge

Punch him by using left and right arrow keys.

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