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Friday, August 17, 2012


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How it began?
In 2004, Darren Chen from Malaysia started to consider transforming his love of character doodling into business. He started the company with his friends in 2006.

The name - Dooodolls
“Well, they’re handmade – something you ‘do’ – so we decided on ‘dooo’dolls,” said Darren Chen.

The company - Dooodolls Design

(From left to right) Chew Kai Xin, Darren Chen, Ong Han Vi 

(Clockwise from left) Darren Chen, Eric Looi, Dylan Pang

Darren Chen 
Designation  Creative director
Age  39
Favourite Dooodoll  Blur Blur
Education  The One Academy


Chew Kai Xin 
Designation  Marketing manager
Age  33

Ong Han Vi 
Designation  Operations manager
Age  35
Favourite Dooodoll  Numero

Eric Looi
Age  35

Dylan Pang

The characters
Horoscope  Sagittarius 
Hobby  Juggling baby fireball
Pet  Baby fireball rescued from flaming tree
Ability  Setting things ablaze by snapping his fingers when he's furious

Horoscope  Pisces
Hobby  Matchmaking
Pet  A pair of lovebirds
Ability  Make 2 people fall in love with his heartbeat

 Beary Fishy
Horoscope  Aquarius
Hobbies  Swimming, fishing
Pet  Fish-shaped pillow
Ability  Speak fish languages, great swimmer

Horoscope  Capricorn
Hobby  Practising martial art
Pet  Piku (dragon)
Ability  Move as fast as lightning

 Pinkies Pirate
Horoscope  Aries
Hobby  Travelling
Pet  Whale with 10 eyes
Ability  Has exceptional sense of direction, has a magical wooden sword that can teleport himself

 Blur Blur 
Horoscope  Libra
Hobby  Thumb-sucking
Pet  Blankie
Ability  Has sensor for approaching threats

Horoscope  Scorpio
Hobby  Admire his achievement
Ability  Do anything to win

 Missy Micey
Horoscope  Cancer
Hobby  Gardening, yoga
Pets  All animals
Ability  Make plants flourish by touching it

Horoscope  Gemini
Hobby  Talking
Ability  Teleport himself

 Mr Nerdie
Horoscope  Leo
Hobbies  Read comic books, play Dungeons & Dragons, make origami
Ability  Brilliant scientist, solve complicated equations

Horoscope  Virgo
Hobby  Daydreaming
Ability  Hypnotise with his eyes

 Orange Butch
Horoscope  Taurus
Hobby  Eat chilli padi
Ability  Stonify enemies by barking / farting

Ability  Mend anything with his saliva

Meow Meow
Ability  Entertaining audience

Ability  Grant your wish if you've a pure heart

 Reddish Twin
Ability  Fastest talker

 Sunny Twin
Ability  Mind reader

Ability  Anything that he paints comes alive

Hobby  Matchmaking
Pet  Cupido

 Mr Ladybird
Ability  Make others hallucinate

 Third Eye
Ability  Crack security code

Ability  Has infectious laugh

 Master Ear
Ability  Use his ears as weapon

Ability  Cast spell

  Ling Ling



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