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Sift Heads Street Wars Multiplayer has released.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sift heads 3


  • press Q to change weapon
  • press S and left-click to break open the door
  • press E to reload
  • press S when you are near to the shiny thing

<1>The Last Mafia's Son:
  1. Walk towards the red circle.
  2. Follow the instruction in the games.
  3. Take the elevator access keycard by walking over it.
  4. Take the white bottle to refill Vinnie's energy.
  5. Walk into the lift (press right until you cannot go further anymore).
  6. Press three W,A,S or D keys as shown in the game quickly. Watch out as the keys will change, e.g. it shows W first and then changes to S.
  7. Kill everyone.
  8. Kill the person wearing hat.
  9. Press one WASD keys as shown in the game.

<2>Chicago Rooftops:

  1. Take the gun.
  2. Press D to walk to the place indicated with shiny thing.
  3. Kill everyone (use your gun wisely so that it will not run out of bullets. You can change weapon by pressing Q. Use knife whenever you can).
  4. Shoot the thing, which is blocking the lift from going up, for three times. Then, press S.
  5. Walk to the red circle. Shoot the police's shield until it breaks. Shoot him until he is dead.
  6. Walk to the place indicated with shiny things. Kill five snipers.
  7. Press A to walk to the place indicated with shiny thing. Then, press S
  8. Press W,A,S or D keys as shown in the game.
  9. Shoot the metal piece. Take it to the place indicated with shiny thing. Then, press S.
  • password: FK4H

<3>Sewers Puzzles:

Beware of the mouse as it can kill Vinnie slowly.

  1. Shoot the planks.
  2. Press S when you reach the place indicated with shiny thing. Shoot the black gear.
  3. Walk to the left until you see the shiny thing. Then, press S.
  4. Key in "7438" and click "OK".
  5. Shoot the shiny thing.
  6. Use knife to open the white box.
  7. Shoot the box.
  8. Walk to the shiny thing and press S.
  • password: PR3T

<4>The Police Quarters:

  1. Take the gun behind Vinnie.
  2. Shoot the shield and then shoot the police's head.
  3. Shoot all the police.
  4. Press S while left-click the door.
  5. Take all the items.
  6. Kill all the people.
  7. Take the items appeared.
  8. Walk to the right when there is no more enemy.
  • password: DV1A

<5>Duck Hunt:

  1. Best place to shoot at the helicopter is the top right corner
  2. The position marked "x" is also good but it will shoot you back.
  3. Just click quickly and accurately and the helicopter will go down.
  • password: GTW4

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