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Friday, January 7, 2011

One Rat Short

Official website

The Company
Charlex Inc.
Founders Alex Weil and President Chris Byrnes
Location New York, USA

The Short Animation

Watch it here

Or watch at 


This animation might not be suitable for those who are rat phobia (although I find that the rats in the animation are adorable) as there are a lot of rats in the beginning. 

When a city rat was chasing a snack packaging, it met a white rat (with 2W-45 stamped on its body) in a brightly lit lab and fell in love. However, they are separated in the end.

We decided it would take place in two worlds: one so gritty, grimy and dark that the viewer needs to peer into the screen in order to make out the images and the other a sterile white world so brightly lit that you feel the need to turn your head away from the screen.

Year 2006
Duration 10 minutes

Music composed by Sherman Foote from Big Foote Music
Sherman Foote (left) and his brother, Ray Foote

Photo taken from

Director Alex Weil
Favourite movies Cinema Paradiso, The Red Balloon, Apocalypse Now

(The melancholic and innocent spirit of "The Red Balloon" presents in this animation.)

The Red Balloon


The real rat (left) versus the rat in the short animation (right).


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