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Sift Heads Street Wars Multiplayer has released.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sift Heads 1 Remasterized

Official website


After typing in the cheat box and clicking Go, "SKIP MISSION" will appear in the box. Click Back to continue next mission.

VINNIE - Invincible
TONY - Skip mission
MORRELI - Full ammo

Hit the Run

  1. Wait until there is a guy who carries a briefcase walking towards a 4WD.
  2. Kill him.

My Cuda
  1. Shoot the driver.

Bloody Poker
  1. Do not shoot the person wearing a hat.
  2. Kill the others. You can shoot them when they're hiding behind the tables.

Under Pressure
  1. Shoot the guy's hand or abdomen when there is a red dot appeared or after the conversation. Do not shoot his head.
  2. After the target told Tony's place, shoot his head.

Tony & Morreli
  1. Shoot 4 persons.

Eye For An Eye
  1. Kill 5 guys. There are 4 persons in the white van. There is a guy hiding near the window of the passenger seat in front.

  1. Wait until there is a golf cart. Kill the driver and the person wearing the white tie by using a bullet only.

There is a hidden chapter on Facebook. You have to like their page before playing.

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