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Sift Heads Street Wars Multiplayer has released.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sift heads 5

Sift Heads 5

Sift Heads 5

Yeah, Vinnie's back!

Official walkthrough by Gamesfree at http://www.gamesfree.ca/walkthrough/siftheads5.php?page=walkthrough.

There are three complete parts of walkthrough which are quite simple and detailed in my blog. These parts are arranged according to the places. Feel free to have a look.

Sift Heads Walkthrough Part I

Sift Heads Walkthrough Part II
Sift Heads Walkthrough Part III

Wallpapers at http://www.gamesfree.ca/wallpaper/siftheads5.php


  1. [Skip intro (the shooting part)] Press "i"
  2. [All weapons] weal
  3. [Infinity of ammo] amin
  4. [Invincible] lein
  5. [Access to every area] Type "aeac" in the password section and then press "m" when you play
  6. [Random costume] cone
  7. [Sexy Shorty] shna
  8. [Rapid fire] fira
  9. [More stability when shooting] stmo
  10. [More ca$h] camo

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