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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sift Heads 5 Walkthrough Part II

Chicago, Illinois

South Central

Darwens Home
  1. Click the right side of Darwens home.
  2. Click the locked store room.
  3. Click the "Barett" gun.


  1. Outside Darwens home, on top left.
  2. Outside the old factory.
  3. Outside Voks Bar.
  4. Outside the slum building.
Forgotten Bill

  1. Inside Darwens home, below the table.
  2. Inside the old factory.
  3. Outside Voks Bar, under the car tyre.
  4. At Voks Bar where you saw the boy.
  5. At Voks Bar where there are two guys in a room.
  6. Second floor of the slum building, the room on the left.


  1. Go to Voks Bar.
  2. Kill the 2 guys you see.
  3. Click left side and then click the door.
  4. Click the kid to talk to him.
  5. Click back the door on the left.
  6. Click left side and shoot the person who is standing in front.
  7. Click left side to go to a room. Kill the 2 guys.
  8. Go to second floor of the slum building.
  9. Click right.
  10. Click the door on the left.
  11. Click the window.
  12. Shoot the 2 guys sitting in the restaurant.
Pro Seller

  1. You can use Barett zoom in or use other weapons with sniper mode.
  2. Kill the person on the right with a white bag near him.
  1. After finished "Pro Seller", sell the things to the guy wearing a hat outside Voks Bar.
Blow Smoke

  1. Go to second floor of the slum building.
  2. Click right.
  3. Talk to the old man.
  4. Go to Grey Mafia HQ and click the door.
  5. Go to the old factory. Click the middle part. Use the rope to go to the roof. Click the hole where you see light.
  6. Click left to start shooting.
  7. Kill 6 snipers. Don't kill the guy who is walking. You can use Barett to zoom in for a clearer view.
More Red Than Grey
  1. Complete "Blow Smoke".
  2. Kill everyone in Grey Mafia HQ.
  3. Go downstairs and go into the room on the left.
  4. Talk to the guy who is sitting (leader of Grey Mafia).

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