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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sift Heads 5 Walkthrough Part III

Chicago, Illinois

The Port


  1. Outside Blue Steer Boat.
Forgotten Bill

  1. Outside Blue Steer Boat.
  2. Inside Blue Steer Boat, behind the containers.

Money Lover

  1. Make love with Shorty in room no. 2 at Hotel Hanna when you have more than $15000. Do this before "Palace Massacre" as she will disappear after that.
Well Locked

  1. Go to the boat by using the stairs.
  2. Click the door on the top middle part.
  3. Click the hat under the pipe on the right.
  4. Click the left side of the boat, beside the door, to go to the front part of the boat.
  5. Click the captain to return the hat to him. He will give you a key.
  6. Go back to the place where you see the door.
  7. Click the part between the containers.
  8. Go to right.
  9. Click the door.
  10. Take the briefcase with money inside.
Palace Massacre

  1. Move to the right side of Oasis Plaza.
  2. Kill 2 guys who are standing outside the door.
  3. Kill 3 guys. One is standing in front of you, the other two are standing at the upper floor.
  4. Go to right. Click the corridor on the right.
  5. Click the computer screen.
The Notice

  1. After finished "Palace Massacre", go to room no. 2 at Hotel Hanna.
  2. Click the paper pasted to the door.

  1. Go to the junkyard.
  2. Shoot the rope tying Shorty when Kiro is running right below her.

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