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Saturday, July 9, 2011

To-fu Oyako トーフ親子

Official website
http://tofuoyako.pixnet.net/blog (Taiwan)


The creator 
established by 
Shinichiro Kitai (Art Director)

Kenji Saito (Creative Director) 
Seikou Kato 

based in  Tokyo, Japan

The characters    To-fu Oyako トーフ親子   What?  Fairies of TOFU
Birth place  Planet To-fu

(Translated from http://tofuoyako.pixnet.net/blog/post/23304375)
How it begins?

Shinichiro Kitai participated a character designing competition held by LOFT (a department store) in 2000.
Initially, Mother Tofu wore red clothes while Baby Tofu wore blue clothes and was blushing.

Why do they always pull a long face?

In the journey to search for Father Tofu in space, they always fear of falling.




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