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Sift Heads Street Wars Multiplayer has released.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

All about Sift Heads

Leader of the group, best bounty hunter of all America, only son in a normal family
Birth place  Florence, Italy
Birth year  1975
Age  36
Car  1969 Shelby Mustang GT500 (He killed a preschooler who played the toy car.)
  The real 1969 Shelby Mustang GT500

Dad   Died in a gun-fire between two rival clans in Italy when he's 2 years old
Mom  Moved to America after Vinnie's dad died
1st "job"  Con the conmen themselves in Chicago streets
2005  Became famous
2006  Left the Mafia

Does Vinnie always smoke?
It's actually one of his characteristics but the production team didn't make him like that. When Kiro was created, they wanted to make Kiro always teases Vinnie for smoking and Kiro always have a toothpick or something else. However, they didn't create them like that.

Vinnie's girlfriend, came from a wealthy French family

Real name  Maéva

Best in  Sharp shooting, tactical diversions
1st appearance  Sift Heads 4 (2008)
Was once captured by Kiro

Why did she join the group?
Intended to live dangerously, she flirted with drug dealers in Eastern Europe. When things started to go wrong, she left the country and joined Vinnie.

Samurai, ex-member of the Yakuza (was one of the best assassins of his clan), son of a well known family with direct ties to the Yakuza
Best in  Persuasive tactics
Youngest brother  Killed by Vinnie who was hired by Kiro's clan (there was an internal corruption)

Youngest brother's grilfriend  Jade
Likes  Sport bikes

How can Kiro's katana be used?
Play Sift Renegade or Sift Renegade 2.

Why did Kiro hate Vinnie?
Vinnie was hired by Kiro's clan to kill Kiro's youngest brother as there was an internal corruption.

How did Kiro join the group?
Following several heated battles, Vinnie suggested to let Kiro take position in their group.

Vinnie's enemy, Red Mafia

What happened to Alonzo?
He was caught by Vinnie and put behind the bars in the safehouse. Players can feed him with dog food in Sift Heads World Act 4.

Did you notice?
+  Alonzo have 2 hands at the end of Sift Heads World Act 7 (It's a last minute mistake).
+  In Sift Heads World Act 4, after taking the tape from Nico's place, watch it on the TV in Old School and listen to the sound.
+  In Sift Heads World Act 4, after completing the mission in the airport, there are many people talking. One of them said "I found someone I love!" in Chinese.

Who are Red and Grey Mafia?

The Grey Mafia were the rivals of the Red mafia. 
Grey Mafia tried to kill Vinnie.
Alonzo was a Red Mafia.

What is 梅根?
It's the logo of Mediameg (The production team are part of them)
It is pronounced as Megan.

How many acts in the Sift Heads World?
The series was initially planned to have 12 Acts. Then, there are a lot of future Sift Heads franchise, such as a multiplayer platform and possibly mobile games. Thus, they end it at Act 7.

Why the characters don't really move around when they're wearing clothes?
(Extra arm appears or the clothes disappear)
If the clothes have to suit the movement, the game will be heavier.

Why the hidden chapter cannot be played?
It was supposed to be the beginning of Sift Heads World Act 7 but the conception files got corrupted (there was a big crash in their software). However they wanted to show to the players.

What is the meaning of "I don't call 911" in the gun shop?

It means the shop owner will not call the police but will shoot the person if there is someone stealing his guns. 

Why the toilet hideout was sealed off with the police tape?
It makes the other acts lighter so that there are more space for other countries and videos.

Why there isn't any new mini game/Siftendo game?
They have made one which is a duck hunt with the Nintendo zapper in POV(point of view) shot. But they are unable to launch it.

Why the whole game is in grey and red colours only?
That is their graphic style and they don't have intention to change it.

Why don't customize Vinnie with more accessories or his car?
It's a stick game and not dress up game or car game.
There are also some programming issues and they've made different clothes which players can buy.

The above info is taken from
Sift Heads official forum

Story from the official website

Have some fun

What Sift Heads character are you?



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