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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Short Animations


created by Moohyun Jang and Jungwoo Choo from Mesai Animation Team 
Country South Korea 
Official website http://www.mesai.co.kr/
Download this animation and wallpapers at http://www.mesai.co.kr/


created by Anthony Voisin, Zakaria BoumedianeFabien Felicite-Zulma

  Anthony Voisin

Official website http://www.replay-lefilm.com/
Location Paris, France
Read Interview with Anthony Viosin at http://www.itsartmag.com/features/replay/Replay-p1.html


created by Rodrigo Blaas (a Spanish animator who works at Pixar since 2002)

Rodrigo Blaas

Official website http://almashortfilm.com/

Sebastian's Voodoo

created by Joaquin Baldwin (from Paraguay)

Picture of Joaquin Baldwin

Location Los Angeles, USA
Official website http://www.pixelnitrate.com/
Creator's blog http://blog.pixelnitrate.com/


created by Luke Randall

Location Melbourne, Australia
Official website http://www.reachthefilm.com/index.html


created by Phil Paris Zarcilla and Semir Saleh
Creators' blog http://lucky13production.blogspot.com/ ( other blog authors)


created by Shane Acker

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