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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pat et Stanley


created by Pierre Coffin
known as Pat et Stanley in French, Pat & Stan / Pat & Stanley in English

Pat & Stan is a 362-episode (3 seasons) animation series. According to http://www.pyercoffin.com/ , fourth season will begin soon.

Best Friends

Pat (the hippo)
Characteristics happy-go-lucky, naive, clumsy
Favourites Bananas, video games, dressing up

Stanley (the doggie)
Also known as Stan
Characteristics Cynical

The video below is Kinder Happy Hippo Commercial in which the famous hippo singer, Pat, singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and Stan dancing around Pat.

Videos can be downloaded from http://www.pyercoffin.com/. (Click the "Movies" button > TV series (the one on the right) > TF! - Pat et Stanley (the one featuring the hippo) > enter > download whichever videos you like)

Click the "Ouch" on the side bar and you will see the irritating bird (it'll keep uttering "ouch" until you click the "Ouch" button) being cut into halves.

Animations featuring Pat & Stan 

English translation found from the comments at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HC-3zCIeObY
Pat: Turned jumped kick ! Angry cat plunged in ice-cold water ! Meow ! Special tired Lotus blow ! Ka ka ! Supersonic lock-picking by laser ! Yeah !! I'm the best at this game !!!
Stan: Checkmate.
Pat: Oh No !!! ( cries )
Stan: Well... you have to think a little too, for this game...

^ With English subtitles

 le trésor de pit et mortimer / Il Tesoro Di Famiglia (The Family Treasure)

Directed by Pierre Coffin
Look up who else involved in the production at http://www.macguff.fr/index.php?lang=en&j=showoneimage&id=205

Part 1

Synopsis - Pat accidentally blew up the house and found a secret room in the basement. Their journey of searching the treasure of grandparents Pit and Mortimer started.

Part 2

Synopsis - They found an old diary from their grandfathers, who tries to guide them to reach out a big treasure. So they try to follow the instructions written in the diary to get rich enough to rebuild their house. In the journey, they met Emilie, a mole.

Part 3

Synopsis - Stanley accidentally engages the machine and is forced to flee along with Pat and Emilie to escape from the wrath of the dragon. Stan blames Pat for what happened but regrets it when they are separated. 

Part 4

Synopsis - Stanley is saved by Pat and Emilie. After that, a monster called Bing Bong appears.

Part 5

Synopsis - The treasure of the grandparents was finally found by them and the moles reconstruct their house. 


Coca-cola - Arctic Beach Party (Directed by Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda)

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