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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bread emoticons


Are you a fan of emoticons? If so, maybe you want to purchase the Breadou emoticons at http://breadou.com/?page_id=39 or http://www.thebreadou.com/buyBreadou.html 

Huh, what is Breadou? 
:) Breadou is a computer wrist rest and squeezable stress reliever.
:) It is made from NASA Memory Foam.
:) The best thing is it smells like freshly baked bread too. (well, if you like the smell of bread...)
:) It can be used to fool people. Just offer them this Breadou emoticons. They might think it's a real bread.

Who created Breadou emoticons?
:) Chef Breadou

How much does a Breadou emoticons cost?
:) USD 9.50

How many types of Breadou emoticons available?
:) 6 types.
Below are the pictures of those emoticons.

Hot & Spicy
Berry Sweetie
Happy Coffee Cream
Nottie Nutti

 Vanilla Dream

    Honey Bit 

These pictures were taken from http://www.thebreadou.com/ .
It is packaged into this container. (It really looks like a real bun!)

There are Breadou Donut, Breadou Loaf and lots more. Check them out at http://breadou.com/ .


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