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Saturday, May 7, 2011

All about Kuma Kuma/Nanako

It's more commonly known as Kuma Kuma than as Nanako the Tortoise.

(PS: I stand to be corrected.)

  Where to Buy  



There are plenty of MiniToons outlets in Singapore and Malaysia.
View the full list of their outlets

- a shop at Kuching International Airport
- Petaling Street

Hong Kong
- corner store at Kwai Fung Mall and Fa Yuen Street

Online purchase

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Neckrest pillow

Nanako the tortoise
Days left  9
Country  All
Price  SGD 19.90
Payment method COD, PayPal, bank transfer

Plush toys

A pair of cute tortoise soft toys....Mini Toons...BN...disney...hush puppies...pooh...
Days left  3
Country  Singapore
Price  SGD 18.00
Payment method  Bank transfer

Attached Image
Country  Malaysia
Price  RM 29.90
Payment method  Credit card, bank transfer, COC, SafeTrade
(For other countries, you can buy them at eBay  at USD 7.99 )

Price  TWD 380
Payment method  ATM, credit card

kuma kuma 小龜公仔~精品~來看看
Country  Hong Kong, China
(For other country, you can buy it at eBay at USD 12.99 or at USD 6.99)

Country  Canada
Price  CAD 40.00

(For other country, you can buy it at eBay at USD 6.99)


Country  Singapore
Price  S$ 5.00

Car seat head cushion

Price  S$6.00

Handphone strap

PINK turtle plushie phone strap kuma kuma
Price  USD 2.50
Payment method  PayPal, money order, cashier check
Colour  Pink , Blue
(Green strap available at eBay at USD 2.49)
(Boy and girl strap availble at eBay at USD 4.99)

Price  RMB 1.50

(For other countries, you can buy them at eBay  at USD 6.99)

Kuma-Kuma Fortune Turtle Handphone Strap
Country  Malaysia
Price  RM 5.00
Payment method  Maybank2U, COC, TT/Wire, SafeTrade

Seatbelt cover

Country  All
Price USD 16.00
Payment method  PayPal, credit card, money order, cashier check

Country  All
Price  KRW 21,000

Kuma Kuma Turtle Backpack Strap Covers - Kuma Kuma Fortune Turtle Seat Belt Covers (2 Pieces)
Country  All
Price  USD 12.99
Payment method  Credit card, Western Union, check
(Also availble at eBay at USD 10.00)


Country  China
Price  RMB 84.00
Payment method  COD, ChinaPay, bank transfer

Cosmetic bag

Country  Taiwan
Price  TWD 280
Payment method Credit card, ATM

Coin purse

kuma 轉運龜雙珠扣式零錢包 (附小吊飾)
Country  Taiwan
Price  TWD 250
Payment method Credit card, ATM
(There is another type at eBay at USD 6.00)


Country  Malaysia
Price  RM 10.00

Plush Indoor Slipper -Kuma-Kuma
Days left 36
Country  Malaysia
Price  RM 14.90
Payment method  PayPal, Maybank2U, ATM, TT/Wire, check, credit card, SafeTrade


Heart Shaped Pillow-Kuma-Kuma(2 In 1)
Days left 17
Country  Malaysia
Price  RM 29.90

Payment method  PayPal, Maybank2U, ATM, TT/Wire, check, credit card, SafeTrade
(There are 3 different types of pillows available at eBay - USD 9.99 , USD 16.99 , USD 19.90)

Tissue box

Country  All
Price  USD 7.99
Payment method  PayPal

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  1. Do singapore mini toons still have the Nanako the tortoise?

  2. @ Agnes Khoo, I have no idea as I'm not living in Singapore. Maybe you can call them (+65 6749 0003) or ask them at


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