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Saturday, March 26, 2011

MuMuHug 姆姆抱抱

Official website

Chinese version - http://www.mumuhug.com/index6.htm
English version - http://www.mumuhug.com/index7.htm

Official blog

The company
SOFA Studio
Location Taiwan, USA

The characters

From left to right: BoBo 波波, Hati, Kiwi, Boki 波奇, Marby, Tupow 凸泡, MuMu 姆姆

MuMu 姆姆
(Appeared in the drama called ToGetHer 爱就宅一起)

Horoscope White whale 白鲸座
Weight As heavy as elephant leg
Likes Drawing, piling sand, hugging  
Location MuWa Island

Boki 波奇(peguin)
Characteristics Suspicious, distrustful of others, careful (acts like an FBI agent)

BoBo 波波 (seal)
Totoe 拖拖 (turtle)
Dondon 咚咚 (hermit crab)
Patty 小鹦 (parrot)
Mina (parrot)
Tupow 凸泡 (fish)
GuGu 咕咕 (seagull)
Snoonoo 史努努 (whale)
Kala & Micah 卡啦&麦卡 (crabs)
Mudy (octopus)
Ama (octopus)
Kiwi, Hati, Marby (penguins)
Luta, Kugo, Kudy (dragon pigs)


Download all the emoticons by clicking Download > MSN > click the link at http://www.mumuhug.com/index6.htm


Season 1
Episode 2 - Naughty Little Whale
Episode 4 - Homeless Hermit Crab
Episode 5 - A Parrot on Driftwood
Episode 8 - A Quick Change
Episode 9 - Wacky Penguin

Episode 11 - Self-pitying Little Dragon
Episode 13 - Brave Little Dragon
Episode 22 - Newborn Sea Turtle 

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