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Friday, February 11, 2011

Sift Heads World Act 7 - The Ultimatum

The Ultimatum is the last act for this Sift Heads World series. There will be new projects for Sift Heads.


Official walkthrough


The cheat box cannot be opened after pressing 657 in this act.

Click "GOODIES". Type the following numbers in the box.

Invincible  4451
Unlimited ammo  3292


* Shoot the barrel beside the tree to begin.
* Press spacebar to skip the introduction.

  1. Shoot the front part of the police car continuously until the car exploded. Do not shoot the cops. Press R to reload.
  2. Repeat step 1 for the second police car.
  3. Press spacebar twice to break the rear window.
  4. Press W, A, S or D twice as instructed.
  5. Press left and right to steer the bike. Ram the red "Stop" sign. (Press left for 2 seconds twice and then press right for 1 second once.)

* Click the section where the "MOVE" word is red in colour.

* Spacebar - shooting mode or take cover
Take cover by pressing spacebar. Press spacebar again to shoot. Shoot when the enemies stop shooting (the wall will stop shaking).

* If your character died at steps 7 or 8 and then can't click the window to sift, go to the kitchen which is on the right before clicking the window again.

Darwen's Home
  1. Click the door to enter.
  2. Click the bottom right part of the game screen. 
  3. Click the door.
  4. Go upstairs by clicking the area near the health bar or where the "MOVE" word is red in colour.
  5. Click the blind.
  6. Take the assault rifle by clicking it (placed in front of the table).
  7. Click the window on the left. Kill the 4 persons. There are 2 persons in the car. Kill the one sitting at the back first. Wait for a van. Shoot the 4 persons. It's better to shoot the guy who is running out from the van to the left and then shoot another guy running to the right. Kill the remaining 2 persons in the van.
  8. Click the window on the right. There are a total of 8 persons to be sifted. Kill the 2 persons. After that, sift another 2 guys. Press spacebar to shoot when they aren't shooting. Then, shoot the guy who is running. Next, kill the 3 persons. It is not necessary to break the window before shooting them. Just shoot their heads.
  9. An enemy will run into Darwen's house. Kill him.
  10. Press spacebar. Take the sniper rifle. Go to the kitchen which is on the right.
  11. There is a medic pack beside Darwen. Use it now or after steps 12 and 13.
  12. Click the window on the left of Vinnie.
  13. Kill the 2 persons. There are 2 more enemies on the top of the buildings. Sift them too. Kill the guy who is running. You can only reload when you are shooting.                                                         
  14. Click the window on the right of Vinnie.
  15. Kill the guy in the car. Sift the 2 persons on the top of the buildings. Kill another 2 persons. Shoot the 2 guys inside the building on the left. You can only reload when you are shooting.                          
  16. Click the bottom left part of the game screen.
  17. Click the left part of the game screen to go outside.
  18. Shoot the heads of the 3 persons. (There is 1 guy at the bottom left part of game screen.)
  19. Press spacebar twice as instructed. Drag the middle wire on the right to the bottom wire on the left.          

Outskirts of Chicago
  1. Press spacebar. Shoot one of the tyres of the jeep. Shoot both tyres of the trailer. Shoot the tyres before they ram your character. Don't kill the cops.

Chicago Italian Mafia Hideout
  1. Use the binoculars to locked 8 targets. Point the ( ) at the target until the ( ) turns red completely. Shoot their heads. Don't shoot their bodies.                                                  
  2. The weapon used from steps 3 to 7 can kill the person even without shooting the head.
  3. Kill the guy after pressing spacebar. Press spacebar again. Move to the place where the guy was walking from.
  4. There are 2 enemies to kill. Press spacebar. Click the door.
  5. Shoot the guy and then sift another person who will be running out. Press spacebar. Click the place where the person is running out from. Quickly kill the guy standing behind the wall. Press R to reload. Press spacebar. Move to the place where he was standing at. Quickly shoot the 3 guys.
  6. Press spacebar. Click the door. Take the medic pack. Shoot the guy who is sitting. 
  7. Click the right part of the game screen which is black in colour. Kill the 2 persons.
  8. Press spacebar. Click the door to go outside.
  9. Shoot all the 6 guards.                                              
  10. Click the place as shown below to continue forward.            
  11. Move forward.
  12. Take the rocket launcher.
  13. Take the medic pack. Kill all the enemies. The weapon used can kill the person even without shooting the head.
  14. Aim the rocket launcher at Alonso (who is wearing a red tie) and shoot.
  15. Press spacebar for 10 times. 
    * You can click "GOODIES" to check out the treasures and wallpapers.
    * Hidden chapter in the treasures can only be clicked if the game is completed without dying. This chapter was supposed to be the beginning part of this act. Go to http://www.gamesfree.ca/forums/index.php?showTopic=1491&forumId=6 for more details.

    [ Intro song ]

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