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Sunday, May 16, 2010


http://www.uglydolls.com/ (official website)

created by David Horvath 
Year of birth 1971
Occupation Toy Designer

created by Sun-Min Kim
Year of birth 1976
Occupation Toy Designer

The Companies

Prettyugly - based in New York (Uglydoll)
Sun-Min and David - based in Los Angeles (Uglydoll and others)

Once upon a time...

David Horvath sent letters which had his character Wage to Kim Sun-Min who was moved to Korea after the 9/11 incident. They were dating at that time. Sun-Min sewed a plush doll of Wage and sent it to David as a Christmas gift. One day, Eric Nakamura, a friend who owns the Giant Robot store, saw the doll and sold 20 Uglydolls sewed by Sun-Min in one day. 
By the way, David and Sun-Min are married now.

Design your own T-shirt with Uglydoll at http://uglydolls.com/#/tshirts/. You can buy it after designed.

Click the links provided in the names to buy them.

From left to right:
[first row on top]
Wedgehead, Peaco, Moxy, Uglydog, Jeero, Ice-bat, Toodee

[second row]
Beep (in Bop N' Beep), Ice-bat, Chuckanucka, Gato Deluxe, Babo, Deer Ugly, Ox 

[third row] 
Abima, Uglyworm, Big Toe, Bop (in Bop N' Beep), Wage (the first Uglydoll), Tray, Uglydog

Clockwise from 12 o'clock:
Gato DeluxeUglydogUglydogOx, CinkoIce-bat, Ugly GhostIce-bat, PoeChuckanucka, Uglydog, Babo's BirdUglywormUglydogTray, ChuckanuckaOx, Babo's Bird, BaboIce-bat, OxJeeroWedgeheadBeep (in Bop N' Beep), Bop (in Bop N' Beep)

The middle part (the arrow)
[on the left of the arrow] 
OxWedgehead, Abima

[the middle line of the arrow]
BaboIce-batPeacoBabo, PlunkoBig Toe
[on the right of the arrow]
Ice-bat, WedgeheadDeer UglyMoxy 

Go to http://shop.uglydolls.com/products/category/Classic/322. for more Uglydolls.


  1. I love ugly dolls. Can you tell them to make an ugly doll named Jordan Hayes?

  2. Maybe you can request for customized Ugly dolls (not made by the creators) at


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