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Friday, April 9, 2010

Shorty Covers

Play at http://www.gamesfree.ca/1-68-Shorty_Covers.html
Official walkthrough at http://www.gamesfree.ca/walkthrough/shortycovers.php

Act 1-1 - Fortress Entrance
  1. Shoot the switch beside the entrance. It's located at where Vinnie is pointing at.
  2. Once the entrance is opened, there is a sniper at the first window in the building next to the Vinnie's original position. Shoot him.
  3. Kill the guy who come from behind the wall and walk towards Vinnie.
  4. Shoot the sniper at the first window in the building that has doors.
  5. Shoot the oil barrel when all of the guys point guns towards Vinnie.

Act 1-2 - Metal Retrieved
  1. Shoot the guy appearing from behind the boxes.
  2. When there is guy running towards Vinnie, shoot the sniper located at the top of the building, on the left side of the "West Ciment".
  3. After the sniper on the top floor of the building is killed, shoot the guy at the tower.
  4. Shoot the guy at the tower above the gates before he opens the trapdoor.

Act 1-3 - Reinforcement Has Arrived
If Barrett M82 is used, better shoot quickly as it takes some time before you can shoot again.

  1. Start to shoot the land mines before Vinnie's car comes out. There are 3 mines.
  2. Shoot the oil barrel in front of the wall before Vinnie's car moves near to it.
  3. After the car become out of view, shoot the guy who is holding a rocket launcher.

Act 2-1 - A Cowboy at the Gates
Barrett M82 can zoom in better.

  1. There are two machine gun towers. Press W to zoom in at the tower first (it doesn't matter which tower first, but I prefer to shoot the right one first). If Barrett is used, it's better not to use the fullest zoom in. Aim at the place beside the machine gun.
  2. Kill them as fast as you can.
  3. After killing them, move your mouse cursor quickly to the the leftmost of the screen. Shoot the guy.
  4. Don't move your mouse cursor. Wait until the guy carrying the rocket launcher appears.

Act 2-2 - Sniping Competition

  1. There are two snipers standing on the top floor of the building . One is on the left and another one is on the right. Shoot this two guys.
  2. Shoot the thing next to the elevator to unlock it. The thing's indicator will change from red to white colour. Aim at that thing so that only one bullet is used.
  3. Shoot the sniper on the left side of the top floor of the building quickly.
  4. Shoot the fella coming from behind Vinnie.
  5. Kill the sniper on the right side of the top floor of the building.

Act 2-3 - Unstable business

  1. Break the glass on the leftmost of the screen to get a clearer view.
  2. Shoot the two guys. You can kill them by using one bullet by aiming at the space between their heads.
  3. Shoot the thing on the side of the door to deactivate the laser beam.
  4. Shoot the two guys running towards Vinnie.
  5. Kill the guy standing behind the machine gun on top of the containers.
  6. Shoot the helicopter rotor ten times and it will fell to the ground. Vinnie will not be injured so you can take your time to shoot.

Act 3-1 - Lurking in the Shadows
Draganov reloads faster.

  1. Zoom in.
  2. Kill the sniper located beside the advertisement board on the top floor of the left side of the building.
  3. Break the first two glasses on the top floor of the building on the right to get a clearer view.
  4. Kill the two guys running towards Vinnie. Shoot when their heads are near to each other (only one bullet is used).
  5. After a short while, another guy will run towards Vinnie from the same place. Kill him too.
  6. After Vinnie went downstairs, there will be a fella running from the left towards Vinnie. Kill him first. 
  7. Kill the guy standing beside the elevator. Kill the other guy who comes from the elevator too.

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