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Saturday, February 6, 2010

(Here I Am) There She Is!! 떳다 그녀!!

created by amalloc 아 말 록
hosted on SamBakZa 삼박자 comprises of amalloc 아말록 , Sogong 소공 and Song.Songhwa 송송화 

What is Sambakza?

SamBakZa means 'three counts' in Korean.
'Sam' means three. 'Bak-za (bak-ja)' means rhythm, measure, timing....
It is the name of group who love cartoons, animations, and comics.
# amalloc  Makes animations, cartoons and is the webmaster of this site.
Song song-hwa  Make cartoons, comics / comics mania (collector), and is crazy for music.
sogong  Make cartoons, comics / crazy for music, and their idea bank.

Gender Male 
Country South Korea

Gender Female
Country South Korea
Blog http://sogong.tistory.com/

Gender Female
Location Myeongnyun-dong, South Korea
Blog http://songsongha.tistory.com/

Doki 도키 토끼
Gender Female
Species Rabbit (the Korean for rabbit is pronounced as "To-kki")
Characteristic Likes to take care of abandoned animals
Occupation Nurse 간호조무사 (I'm not sure of this as I use Google Translate and it translates this phrase to "nursing orderly")

Nabi 나비냥이
Gender Male
Species Cat
Characteristics Timid, indecisive
Occupation Newspaper vendor

The pictures below are taken from http://amalloc.tistory.com/16 
Most of the location used in the animations are in Daehak-ro, Seoul, Korea because they live there.
Incheon International Airport

^A street appeared in Step3

Nabi's house - - > Notice that the doorknob has a lion shape, not a pig shape as in the animations.

^A three-legged tower (they call the tower "Sambakza Tower")

^Hyehwa subway station

   ^ The famous vending machine ^


Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire  1  Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

1. There She Is!! 

Released on 20/4/2003

Song name "There she is" (떳다! 그녀!!) by Witches (위치스)

2. Cake Dance 떳다 그녀!! step 2. - 케잌 댄스

Released on 25/2/2005

Song name "Happy Birthday to Me" by Bulldog Mansion.

3. There she is!! Step 3 -- Doki and Nabi

It premiered at SICAF (Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival) on May 21-25, 2008, and was posted online on May 30.

Song name "3차성징" (Sam-cha Seong-jing, direct translation is "tertiary sex characteristic") by T.A.COPY

4. There she is!! Step 4 -- Paradise

Released on 20/8/2008

Song name "Wolsik" by Tabu from the album, "A Lunar Eclipse"

5. There she is!! Final Step -- Imagine

First debuted on 9/12/2008

Song name "Imagine" by Brunch
(the introduction part features a rearrangement of a traditional English song called "Greensleeves to a Ground".)

Download the videos at the link provided (just click the title of each animation to watch and to download).

The theme of this series is little bit like BoBo & ToTo -- to fight for love.

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