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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Maggie Market

All these games are made by Maggie Lau. Go to http://www.maggiemarket.com/ for more "Maggie mania".

Kill Time in Office

Try to do all the things during office hours but don't let your boss know! If the boss comes out, just click the computer to resume working.

Facial House

Take care of those that want facials as you apply cream and other pampering.

HK Cafe

Cook the food as people order as quick as possible. If food is not done and being drag out, it has to be thrown to the rubbish bin and cooked again. $50 will be deducted for wastage. Once food is dragged on the plate/bowl, you can not move them no more. If you want to change to other combination, throw the whole plate/bowl to rubbish bin to cook again.

Sushi Oishi

You work in a sushi-bar and you have to make sushi for your customers. They are all very hungry! Make good sushi so as not to make them angry.

Shoot Me Baby

Shoot the people on the face when they are making grimace!

Wong Chi Wa / Sit Up!

When there is someone laughing too hard, press the corresponding number to pull him back to his seat so that he will not fall. Front row (from left to right): 1, 2, 3. Second row (from left to right): 4, 5, 6. Last row (from left to right): 7, 8, 9.

Mag's Nursery

Look at the indicator at the top right. Green light means the baby at that place is fine. Orange light means the baby needs something. Red light means the baby needs immediate attention.
When the baby's diaper is wet, change it by clicking it for 4 times, drag the new diaper to the baby and then click thrice. Sometimes, the baby needs to be tickled. Just click the baby to tickle him. Drag the milk bottle to the baby to feed him when he cries. When the baby's face changes to red, click the syringe and click a few times until the baby is okay.


Serve the customers with drinks they asked for.

Be My Guest

Serve the guest with food they want. Some of the food needed to be cooked or baked.

Dai Pai Dong

Cook fish, crab, prawn and lobster until they are cooked and then serve it to the person who had ordered it. Or open the bottle cap and serve the beer to the customer.

Maggie's Bakery

Follow the instruction in the game. Just click the ingredient for a few times (number of times is according to the instruction).

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