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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sorry, I Love You ost

Sorry, I Love You or Mianhada, Saranghanda (Misa) or I'm Sorry, I Love You or I Am Sorry But I Love You (this show has quite a number of names huh?) is a Korean drama released in 2004.

Here is the official website http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/misa/.

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Sorry, I Love You OST

  1. Intro
  2. Back to first time
  3. One day has passed
  4. Snow Flower (Instrumental) 雪の華
  5. Outro

Sorry, I Love You OST -Never Ending Story

  1. Main Title
  2. 맬버른 거리에서
  3. 마지막 선택
  4. 아들과 엄마
  5. 이방인
  6. 무혁의 기도
  7. 눈의꽃(雪の華) (Inst.)
  8. 운명
  9. 진실
  10. 은채의 방
  11. 설레임
  12. 엄마의 사진
  13. 가려진 세월
Sorry, I Love You-Between Of One Year

  1. Jin shil
  2. Oon myung
  3. woo ri eh salm eun geu roh ge heul ruh ga go...
  4. Eunchae eh melody
  5. Woo ri eh gi uk sok eh suh...
  6. Moohyuk eh jook eum
  7. Jin hon
  8. Cham ee sang hae yo, ahjuhssi do uhb neun de... shi gan ee ga yo
  9. Story on Strings
  10. Geu dae ga dduh na go nam eun ja ri eh...
  11. Geu ri oom
  12. Yuh gi jil shil dwen sarang ee ha na it seub ni da...
  13. Scene

Sorry, I Love You Background Music

  1. Piazzicato Title
  2. Main Theme Piano
  3. Main Theme Slow Piano
  4. Main Theme Free Tempo
  5. Main Theme String Intro
  6. Main Theme All String
  7. Main Theme Strain Version
  8. Tension Intro
  9. Tension Bridge
  10. Ending Title
  11. Eunchae Theme
  12. The Stranger
  13. Moohyuk Theme 1
  14. Moohyuk Theme 2
  15. Moohyuk Theme 3
  16. Pain Theme

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