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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rabbit Tuzki and its creatOr



Real name 王丽媛
Pseudonym Wang Momo 王卯卯/兔子卯
Age 24
Sex Female
Date of birth 3/12/1985
Birth place Tianjin
Horoscope Sagittarius
Blood type A
Height 1.71 m
Writing hand Right
Favourite colours Black, white, dark blue-brownish
Favourite sport None
Favourite food Milk
Favourite movie Haven't given it a thought
Favourite comic Multiple Personality Detective Psycho (MPD Psycho)
Favourite caricaturist Shou Tajima (author of MPD Psycho)
Hobbies Stare blankly, stacking mini piano, drawing, reading books
Ambition Has supernatural power
Other character she would like to draw Robot
Emoticons used by her YoCi
Personality depressing, won't play fool, not cool, abnormal
What kind of guys are being preferred by her Taller than her, has some skills, bold
Food that she dislikes of Carrot, cabbage, sweet things

Why the rabbit is named as "Rabbit Tuzki"?

When she was young, her friends and classmates called her "rabbit". They said she looks like a rabbit. She liked to read a novel named “Spell My Name with an S" / "请用“S”拼我的名字" written by Isaac Asimov. The main character in that novel, Zebatinski, changed the "z" in his name to"s". Then, his luck changed.
She likes the "ski" in his name. Hence, she named the rabbit as Rabbit Tuzki.

Rabbit Tuzki

Name Rabbit Tuzki 兔斯基
Sex Male
Height 1.2 m
Friends R1, 面桶猪
Pet 萝卜耶夫
Favourite food Milk, cheese, fruit juice, coffee, tea, sweet things, dim sum, fruits that have skins
Food that he dislikes of Carrot

Find more interesting stuff about this cute rabbit at http://www.mytuzki.net/ ! You can even download stuffs like wallpaper and emoticons there.

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