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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Krrish background score

sOurce: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQWr3cQZHGI

This video is the opening scene from Krrish.

Song detail: Salim and Sulaiman at The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Download and listen other songs in Krrish
  1. 29 days
  2. Bonus
  3. Circus On Fire
  4. Clock Tower
  5. Coma
  6. Dr. Arya
  7. Goodbye
  8. Growing Up In The Himalayas
  9. Invincible
  10. Jaadu
  11. Krrish
  12. Krrish On The Run
  13. My Father
  14. Priya
  15. Reincarnation
  16. Singapore
  17. Streets of Singapore
  18. The Glider Chase
  19. The Mask
  20. The Wonderful Dream
  21. Truth
  22. Underground
  23. Welcome To The Future

at http://www.bollyexclusive.com/album/1143/Krrish-(Background-Score).html

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