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Sift Heads Street Wars Multiplayer has released.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Sift heads 0

Sift Heads 0


<1>The Death of Mobo:

When Vinnie was a baby, a cat had clawed his favourite teddy bear named Mobo. Help Vinnie to get revenge on the cat by killing it. But before this, make the cat comes out of its hiding place.

  1. There is a water faucet located below the cabinet. Shoot it.
  2. Shoot the cabinet door on the right side (the cabinet which is nearer to you).
  3. Shoot the bag of cat food inside the cabinet.
  4. After you saw the water flowing on the floor, prepare to shoot the cat when it jumps out.You can see its shadow (behind a box which is put beside a chair).Do this quickly as you only have one chance to shoot it, that is before it goes to hide behind the chair.
  • password: ride

<2>This Is My Ride:

Kill the person who is playing Vinnie's toy car, GT 500, at the daycare.

  1. Shoot the right side of the loop.
  2. Shoot the toy car on the top of the track.
  • password: less

<3>A School Lesson:

Kill the teacher and makes it looks like an accident.Don't alert anyone.

  1. Shoot the plank below the box on the top of the building on the right side for 3 times. The plank is in between the other two planks.
  2. Shoot the alarm which is beside the basketball hoop. Then, the alarm will glow with red light.
  3. When you saw the teacher walks out, shoot once at the plank when the teacher is situated almost below the box (about 3 steps starting from the door).
  • password: driv

<4>Alchool Test Drive:

Kill the two prosecutors while you are drunk. You have 100 bullets so try to aim before you shoot. You are dead if you are shot for 3 times.

  1. Shoot the car windshield first.
  2. Shoot the one who is shooting you. You can click the mouse rapidly and try to aim at him (your vision is quite blurry as you are drunk).
  3. Shoot the driver.
  • password: cont

<5>The First Contract:

Kill Eligio White, a drug dealer. He had kidnapped a son of a Police Chief.
Rescue him without alerting any guards.

  1. Shoot the rightmost window on the first floor of the building on the right side.
  2. Shoot the person (Eligio White) when he appears.
  3. Shoot the lamp which is in between 2 buildings until the light goes off.
  4. Shoot the thing with red light on the ground floor of the other building on the right side. It will change to green light. Wait until the person inside there (the son of Police Chief) walks out of the building.

<6>A Legend Is Born:

Kill "The Shadow", a weapon dealer who is said to be at the Carliemo Hotel in
Naples, Italia.

  1. Shoot the pigeon on your right side of the guard (standing at the centre on the top floor). The pigeon's blood will drop to the person below it ("The Shadow").
  2. Wait until he stops walking and stnas on the top of the floor. Shoot him.
  3. For this version, you don't have to leave any signature.


Mission 1: ride

Mission 2: less

Mission 3: driv

Mission 4: cont

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